Solving Equations Maze

Sunday, June 12, 2016
I love making station activities in my classroom and here are some reasons why:
1) Students can easily self-check their work by seeing if their answer choice is on the card.
2) If students are directed back to a previous station, then they know to go back and correct their work.
3) There are SO many ways that you can use stations in the classroom to best fit the needs of your students.

I am planning for students to do this activity the first week of school in their INB. I printed out the stations cards 6 to a page and asked the librarians at my school to laminate them for me (they are lifesavers!). I print out the student answer document two to a page for students to tape down in their INB.

1) Students can start at any card and they must write down the station that they are at in the top left box of each problem and in the circle (top left corner).
2) Students must go in order and if they end up back at a station that they have already done, a mistake has been made, and they need to check their work.
3) Students must show ALL work to receive credit!

Another way that you can use in your classroom: Post up around your classroom/hallways and have students circulate the room.

If you would like to use in your classroom, here are the files:


  1. Absolutely love the idea of having students keep their work for this type of activity in their notebooks! I've always done this with dry erase boards in the past, but then students have no work to look back at. :(

    1. I actually came up with this idea by accident! I printed it two to a page and then decided to keep it and have students put it in their INB. :)

  2. My students love these types of activities that allow them to get up and work with others. Thanks!