Solving Equations Flip-book for INB

I LOVE flip-books and my students do too! I love flip-books even more when they can fit in our INB. In a previous post, I uploaded my old flip-book, but I made changes to include "Multi-Step Equations w/ Variables on Both Sides". Previously, I had "Steps to Solving Equations", but this was stupid since they already had it to the left of their flip-book (so I deleted it). Oh, and yes, I do make students check their work for every problem!

If you need help setting up the flip-book, let me know, and I can update the post. :)

Our bell schedule is sort of messed up the first week, so I am going to have to split this flip-book into two days. I am going to try to get to the "Multi-Step Equations" flap on the first day and then pass out Solving Equations HW. They will stick the incomplete HW into their lovely "Work in Progress" folder in the back of their INB to finish the next day when we finish up the flipbook.

I have used the following puzzle in previous years as a review to solving equations. I am starting to really like the idea of incorporating more activities into students INB instead of having them turn it in to me. 

You can find the following pages here:

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