Google Parallel Lines Cut by Transversal Activity

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
Below is a tweet that inspired me to convert the following activity into a Google Digital Activity. I loved this activity last year, but I literally spent hours cutting these cards out.

We are not 1:1 yet, but I can reserve chromebooks/ipads/computer lab once school starts back up. Below are pictures of how the Parallel Lines activity looks in Google. 

As students work through the cards, they will be writing down the correct order on slide 3 by moving the letters into the corresponding blanks.

Students are able to move the pieces to slides 5-10 and will be able to show their work below the problems. This is where I will leave room for student choice in how they want to solve the problems. But, I added this option to show students that there will be 6 total slides if they want to fit 2 problems per slide. 

If you want to use this activity in Google, you and your students will need a free Google account to access this activity.

Directions for Google use:
1. After you have downloaded the resource into your Google Drive (CLICK HERE), make a copy to share with your students. It is important to make a copy so that students do not make any changes to the original.

2. Share the COPIED link to your students (not the original). Make sure that you press "can edit"

3. Students will then be able to access the copied link in their Google Drive. When students are finished, they can share the final product with you.

After creating this activity, I think it is safe to say that I AM OBSESSED!!! This has me researching grants to write so that I can receive my own personal set of Chromebooks. My next Google Digital Activity that I am working on is an interactive activity for triangle congruence proofs.

If you can think of any way that I can edit this to make it better for all students, please leave a comment. 

Here are the files below if you are not 1:1 yet and want to print them out:


  1. Thanks for sharing this. We are going 1:1 with Chromebooks/GAFE in late August. This will be a great activity for my students! I have one question, though. How did you create your diagrams, and how did you get the fonts to be consistent? I have had trouble with this when making geometry resources.

  2. First of all, I really love your blog and thank you for sharing all of your resources! Maybe it's my summer brain but I tried your activity and got the same answer for cards E & G. Can you help? Thanks!

  3. The value of 'x' in card E is 4 but you have to plug it in and subtract from 180 to get the value of 'y' which would give you an answer of 155 for card E.

    Thanks for your nice comments :))I create my diagrams in power point and save as an image and then head over to google slides to "insert image". Let me know what fonts you like and I can send you the name of them.

    1. I’m a teacher at sms and I can’t find the answers, could you tell me please?

  4. Thanks for all the useful foldables and activities! My first year teaching math--though I am a 25 year veteran Physics/Chem teacher and your resources are awesome!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing all of your resources and ideas! They are truly inspirational!! How do you find the time to create all of this amazing stuff and still make time for your own personal life? How long does it take to create each one?

    1. It takes some work to create an original file but once I have the template, it's pretty fast :)

  6. Am I doing something wrong? When I click the link it only gives me access to view, not edit.