Google/INB Activity for Calculating Slope from 2 Points

Wednesday, June 22, 2016
This is a Google Slides and Interactive Notebook page idea for calculating slope from two points. I have students tape this page down on the left side of their notebook and have them show their work on the right side.

I am planning to do the following flip-book on a block day (100 minutes) and I wanted to split the time up by doing activities in between each topic. Once we finish the slope flap, students will turn to the next page in their INB and complete this card sort activity.

I also made this into an interactive Google Slides activity for students to move the pieces. They can choose what color they want to use and delete the other 2 slides.

Directions for Google use:
1. After you have downloaded the resource into your Google Drive, make a copy to share with your students. It is important to make a copy so that students do not make any changes to the original.

2. Share the COPIED link to your students (not the original). Make sure that you press "can edit"

3. Students will then be able to access the copied link in their Google Drive. When students are finished, they can share the final product with you.

If you can think of any way that I can edit this to make it better for all students, please leave a comment. 

You can find the following files here: