Solving Equations Flipbook

Saturday, February 6, 2016
I was looking through my interactive notebook this past week and thought I'd share one of my favorite lessons. I teach geometry and I always start the year off with a quick one-week algebra review to get my students re-familiarized with solving multi-step equations.

Day 1: Students will tape down the steps to solving multi-step equations on the left side of their notebook and we go through the steps together and make little notes. It is extremely important that you make the flip-book with the students because if not, there will always be one student in each class that raises their hand and says "Something's wrong with my book!" I like to highlight each step that I take to solve the equation and I have students check their work for each problem.

I do have students check their work in their flip-book, but the pictures above are notes to myself to remind students what to do. 

Day 2:  Students walk in my classroom and cut out the solving equation puzzle pieces. Students have to match up the equation with the correct solution. I give them about 30 minutes to complete this puzzle in their notebook. Students show their work on the right side of the notebook and in some classes, I tell students what box is the top left one (depending on their level) and they have to figure out the rest.  

Once a student finishes, I have them raise their hand to show me their completed work. If they have their puzzle done correctly, I hand them this riddle worksheet. 

Overall, students were re-familarized with solving multi-step equations in 2 days! After that, we started algebraic properties of equality and introduced algebra proofs. Let me know, if you would like to see the foldables that I used for algebra proofs. :)

Here are the files that I used during this lesson: 


  1. This is soooo awesome! Thank you for sharing on here!

  2. I love your foldables. But I'm having a hard time printing them out correctly. Can you please share printing instructions.

  3. I am having the same problem as Juvonna. And it appears the last page is missing

  4. I can't get them to print correctly either. Not sure if I'm doing something incorrect or if something is missing - Pam

  5. Do you have the cut out puzzle template? Is it here and I'm missing it? Thank you.

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  7. Yes! This is wonderful! I would also love to know where the puzzle is from. I can find lots of similar ones but most of them do not have "all real numbers" or "no solution" on the puzzle pieces and that is super important. Thank you for sharing!