Google Parallel and Perpendicular Lines Proofs Activity

Tuesday, June 21, 2016
This is my second Google Digital Activity that I created today so I am going to upload it while catching up on the Game of Thrones!

I split this proofs activity into 3 "levels"for students. Below are descriptions and pictures of each level. 

Level A: This level has the scrambled statements and reasons (I use this level for most of my special education students). Students are able to interactively move the statements and reasons into the correct spot.  

Level B: This level has the table set up for students so they know how many statements and reasons they need (I give my on-level geometry students this level). They can press insert text box into each box and write out the statements and reasons. 

Level C: This level is blank and reserved normally for pre-AP students. 

We are not 1:1 yet, but I can reserve Chromebooks/iPads/a computer lab once school starts back up. Below are some more pictures of the activity.

If you want to use this activity in Google, you and your students will need a free Google account to access this activity.

Directions for Google use:
1. After you have downloaded the resource into your Google Drive, make a copy to share with your students. It is important to make a copy so that students do not make any changes to the original.

2. Share the COPIED link to your students (not the original). Make sure that you press "can edit"

3. Students will then be able to access the copied link in their Google Drive. When students are finished, they can share the final product with you.

If you can think of any way that I can edit this to make it better for all students, please leave a comment. 

Here are the Google Files:


  1. Hi! I really like that this is differentiated for students at all levels. Did you have it so that students were working on the page at the same time, and could see other student's edits? Or did each student do it individually? I'd like to have each student do it individually, but can't wrap my head around how to do that on drive without them seeing what other students are doing.

    1. I uploaded it into Schoology as an assignment in order for students to work on it individually. It ended up working out great. You can also upload it as an assignment in Google Classroom.

  2. When you share the link to the students (I sent it in my Canvas account, so share it in the platform you use to share work) Have students click "File" then "Make a Copy" They now have it to work individually. I give the option in my honors class of individual or Pair. I am sending the 3 documents and I deleted all but 3 in A and B for them to use as guide. The only one the are to turn in is C, completed, if that makes sense to you. My thought is those that understand, can move straight to C and complete their proofs, those that just needed to see the structure, can do a couple at B (and transfer that work to their C) and then apply what they discover to C, and those that really need support can start at A. If they are very lost, I will hold a mini-lesson, doing one with them.

  3. I'm such a rookie with google drive... is there a way to just download and print these activities for cut-and-paste?

    1. Yes, you can save as a PDF when you make a copy and print it off for your students.

  4. Hi, I love your files, I have a few suggestions to make them easier to use...

    If you make your image the background students won't be able to move it. They will only be able to move the movable pieces.

    Also when you get your link .../edit#slide=id.g1505f77709_0_36 change the word edit to copy this will automatically make a copy for the student instead of them looking at the view only version and making their own copy.

    Thanks again for sharing

  5. Do you have an answer key for level A that you could share? Or, is it there and I am just missing it?

  6. We are starting our unit on Parallel lines Cut by a Traversal. I was attempting to download the 3s classroom activity, but the link appears to be broken.

  7. Can you please post the answer keys to these amazing worksheet? Thank you so much!

  8. I want to thank you so much for this resource. I am teaching Geometry for my first time this year and want to have time to make things like this but can't find the time with everything else going on. I appreciate so much your willingness to share these!