Triangle Congruence w/ Proofs Activity

I wanted to share an activity that we did last week that was really fun and engaging. I didn't feel like my students were ready to take their test on the team's "designated testing day" so I decided to stay late at work and come up with some additional activities.

1) Students logged onto a Nearpod session and we went over labeling and marking congruent triangles. I had students choose different colors to represent each separate marking. Below are some student examples pulled from my Nearpod report. This helped out my student SO MUCH! I did not realize how many misconceptions there were before this activity.

2) After our Nearpod activity, students broke up into groups of 2-3 and chose a proof to "start" at. I told students to complete only ONE step. After about 30 seconds, students rotated clockwise to the next proof and did the second step. This continued until they were back at their original poster. Students were responsible for checking the proofs and correcting any mistakes that they see. 

I graded all of the proofs (10 points a piece) and that was everyone's grade in the class period. Students took this seriously and the results were amazing!

Overall, students performed well on the test but they needed more practice on telling how two triangles are congruent (SSS, SAS, ASA, AAS, or HL). 

Here are the files: