Angles Formed by Secants and Tangents

Here are my interactive notebook pages and some teaching ideas for "Angles Formed By Secants and Tangents" in a circle. 

First, we went over each theorem on the pink sheet and highlighted each theorem and explained what it meant. If you are a regular reader, I think I'm going to make a poster of all of my "left side" circle theorems and hang them up around my classroom! 

After going over each theorem, we started on the following foldable that has practice problems. 

I found that cutting out two strips of paper and positioning them around the angle helps my ESL/SPED students visualize the arcs and angles better. They were able to see the relationship between the arc measure and the angle. (Highlighting is also a very big help!)

After we finished the foldable, students worked on a simple maze review over this topic. 

Thank you for taking the time to read! Only 5 more school days left for me :)

Here are some files that I used in this lesson: 


Inscribed Angles

This will be a short and sweet blog post about an interactive notebook idea for Inscribed Angles in Geometry. When it comes to introducing new theorems, I like to put the theorems on the left side of their notebook so students can make their own personal notes. 

After the foldable, students broke up into pairs and completed the following poster: 

Students will write out the theorem on the poster and use compasses, rulers, and protractors to create and label a diagram of each theorem. I will try to post pictures as soon as groups are completely finished with the poster. 

What are some of your favorite Inscribed Angles activities/ideas? I'd love to hear!

Here are some of the files that I used: