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Small Group Interventions (Pull Outs)

Part of my new job description includes pulling out students for small group interventions. At the beginning of the year, I was given a list of students who received interventions in middle school and needed extra assistance. I created the Progress Monitoring Form below in order to manage student data and used these forms to identify their testing scores for the previous two years.

I made it a point to get to know these kids during the fall semester so that I will be more successful reaching them during the pull out sessions in the spring semester. I am also analyzing each student's learning standard breakdown on each test to figure out how I am going to group students based on their challenges/strengths.

During the small group pull-outs, I am planning to create a cummulative folder of review material that they can access and practice. Of course, we are going to do more application based problems during these sessions but many of these students are lacking the skills needed to reach that higher level. Here is a sneak peek... 

I'm just not sure if I like it... I guess we will see once spring semester rolls around and I am pulling out these students! How does your school complete pull-out sessions with struggling students?

Multi Step Equations INB

While looking for a document, I found that I have created MULTIPLE foldables over the same concept. My first foldable that I created over solving equations is pictured below...

You can find the original post here: Solving Equations Flip-Book

I decided to create the following foldable last spring to use this school year. However, I did not use these foldables this year. The resource Algebra 1 teacher did use them this school year though! So, at least it was used somewhere. :) 

Sooooo.... below are the pages that were actually used this school year. The only downfall was how long it took students to cut the pages out. Next year, I will trim the paper down with a paper-cutter to save time. I really liked how fast the foldable was since it was a review topic from middle school. 

After the foldable, we completed my Solving Equations Stations Maze. It was a success!

I have realized that I will never be satisfied with using the same foldable from the year before. I always try to improve each school year and build upon students strengths and weaknesses. Yes, it's a lot of work.... but, it's totally worth it!

Here are the files that I used: 

Relations and Functions Card Sort

This lesson was created for a mandatory tutorial session for Algebra 1 students. I was in charge of creating a 30 minute review lesson over "Relations and Functions." This lesson had to include a 5-10 minute review lesson and an activity.

First, students went over this graphic organizer with four practice problems to review relations and functions. 

After students reviewed relations and functions, they independently completed the following cut and paste activity. If you read my blog, then you know all about my love for card sorts! 

Students had to match up the correct table, graph, map, and ordered pairs together and determine if the relation was a function. If you download the activity, then you will notice that there is a separate document that does not require cutting (if you do not have the time). 

Sorry for the short and sweet post, I just had several teachers ask for the cut and pasted document. 

Here are the files: 

Simplifying Expressions w/ Two Step Equations INB

Yesterday, I realized that I haven't blogged in over TWO MONTHS! This is just unacceptable :)

Here are some ideas for simplifying expressions and two step equations in Algebra 1. The first page was reviewing how to simplify expressions by combining like terms and using the distributive property. I borrowed the steps from another blogger but I cannot remember who. If it was you, please let me know and I will give you credit!

It always seems to click with students when food is involved. Who am I kidding? Food always works with me too! Students really enjoyed seeing pizza, fries, hamburgers, and ice cream on the front of their foldable.

After completing the foldable, students completed the following activity where they had to simplify all of the cards to see which two cards simplified to the same expression.

In regular Algebra 1 classes, students did not go over the next couple of foldables. However, these foldable went over great with my special education students. My lower level students really needed to review one step, two step equations, and translating word problems. 

Below are pictures of a foldable that I made but did not use. An Algebra 1 Resource teacher used this foldable though and loved it!

 Below are pictures of solving two step equations and translating key words.

Overall, I am LOVING Algebra 1 and I have way too many new ideas/activities/foldables that I need to share. I will try to start blogging again and post new ideas at least twice a week. 

Here are the files that I used in this post: 

Segments in Circles

I feel bad for the lack of blog posts lately but I just recently found out that I will be working with Algebra 1 next year! I'm sad to leave Geometry behind but I'm excited for a new change. Anyways, here is  one of the last foldables that we did in Geometry last year over segments in circles.

We went over the theorems on the left side and discussed it in depth. Then, we went over the segments in circles foldable as a class. My students picked this topic up VERY fast. At first, they told me that the problems looked "scary" but by the end, they said that it's really easy!

After the foldable, we completed the following activity where students had to group cards based on their answers. Students loved this activity because it allowed students to check their work in case they came up with a random answers. I gave my modified SPED students a sheet that listed out which theorem to use for each problem. 

Overall, I loved this lesson and I noticed that all of my students were engaged (one of last lessons for the school year). 

Now, I'm off to create more Algebra 1 foldables/activities for next school year :)

Here are the files that I used: