Geometry English/Spanish Glossary Project

Friday, June 17, 2016
Below are some pictures of my current Geometry project... An English/Spanish Geometry Glossary.


I request all of the language learners in Geometry because of my family's history with learning a different language. I have several relatives in Mexico who came across to the United States to receive a better education and more than half of those relatives dropped out of school to receive their GED. One of my aunts told me that she HATES math because every single math teacher that she had always put her in the back of the classroom and ignored her. This is extremely sad and I know of several teachers who still do this, which is why I am planning to receive my ESL certification.

I have about 10 English Language Learners in my classroom each year and the only glossary that students have access to is in the back of our textbook. My first year teaching, I did not do interactive notebooks and my ELL's grades were pretty low. However, once I introduced INB's, all of my students grades drastically improved (another reason why my love for INB's is so strong). Students  are not allowed to use their notebook on tests so I wanted to create a glossary that I can give to my ELL students to use. I will be creating a cover and I will make about 10 class sets and 10 personal sets (depending on the number of students I have this upcoming school year). 

I narrowed it down to 3 options:
Option A: Definition and diagram are already drawn for students
Option B: Definition is given but teacher/student has to draw the diagram
Option C: Only Definition is given but, teacher/student can draw diagram under term (when applicable)

Disclaimer: Definitions/Terms in Spanish may be incorrect in the above pictures. I am going to finish and then ask my awesome spanish-speaking mom to proof-read for me. :)

Any thoughts or opinions? I am hoping to be done with this by the end of July!


  1. How awesome! I have a couple of English learners in my classroom that I am struggling to help. This is such a great idea. Thanks so much for sharing! Love your blog.

  2. Besides translating words into Spanish, what other things do you do to help english learners in your class?

  3. Hi! Did you finish this project? If so, can you share? This would be so helpful!