Google/INB Activity for Segment Proofs

Thursday, June 30, 2016
Last year, I printed out the "segment proofs practice page" two to a page and students taped it down in their interactive notebook. This year, I am going to reserve the computer lab and have students do notes on Google Slides and complete a digital activity over filling out two column segment proofs.

Segment Proofs Lesson/Notes: 

I am going to have students fill out the reference sheet independently by using their notebook or "googling" it. Students will go to "insert" and click "text box" and type in the missing terms/definitions. We will review this together as a class before going on. 

We will be completing the Segment Proofs Practice together as a class by collaborating and discussing what goes after each statement and reason. I am going to cold call on students to type it in their Google Slides and project it to the class in hopes that this results in discussion and collaboration among students. 

Segment Proofs Activity:
After the lesson, students will complete the following digital activity over segment proofs. I broke it down to 3 levels because of the needs of my students. Find the level that best fits your classroom.

Level A: This level has the scrambled statements and reasons (I use this level for most of my special education/ELL students). Students are able to interactively move the statements and reasons into the correct spot. 

Level B: This level has the table set up for students so they know how many statements and rasons they need (I give my on-level geometry students this level). Students can press insert text box into each box and write out the statements and reasons.

Level C: This level is blank and normally reserved for pre-AP students. 

Directions for Google use:
1. After you have downloaded the resource into your Google Drive, make a copy to share with your students. It is important to make a copy so that students do not make any changes to the original.

2. Share the COPIED link to your students (not the original). Make sure that you press "can edit".

3. Students will then be able to access the copied link in their Google Drive. When students are finished, they can share the final product with you.

If you can think of any way that I can edit this to make it better, please leave a comment. 

Here are the Google Files:


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  2. These are awesome. When I download the google slide file Segment Proofs Level A they are view only. I can't seem to move the statements and justifications around. What am I missing? Thanks for sharing.

    1. You will have to make a copy of the document so that you can move the boxes around.

  3. Thanks for sharing these google activity ideas. I picked this series as my favorite for week 3 of the #MTBoSBlogsplosion challenge

  4. This is awesome! How do you make the slide in google slides look like a document? i have never seen that before.

    1. I create the slides in PPT and save it as a JPEG and then insert it into Google Slides so that students do not delete anything.