Segments Foldable & Activity

Thursday, June 23, 2016
This is an interactive notebook page idea for segments. I am going to create a PowerPoint where there will be segment diagrams and students have to figure out which term to draw it under (this is the left side). 

The next page in our INB will be this cut and paste activity where students will sort cards by diagram, equation, and value of 'x'. I am probably going to use this activity as a lesson and cold call on students to come up to the document camera to put the cards into the correct spot and students will have to explain their reasoning to their classmates. 

I am in the process of converting this activity into a Google Digital Activity. 

Below are the files that I used in this lesson: 


  1. Katrina, we did this today - loved it! I actually only ran off the first page of diagram/equation/"x" cards, so the kids had to fill in what was left. There is a problem with #9 though - the problem and diagram match and have "3x-31" but the equation says "3x-1". x=13 would be reached by solving that equation, but the equation doesn't match the problem and diagram!

    Can't wait to use this as a Google activity next year - our kids all just got Chromebooks!

    1. Thank you! That's a great idea, I definitely will be doing that next year with just running the first page off. I will fix the typo before next year :) I'm soooo jealous that your kids got Chromebooks. I have to share 4 Chromebook carts with 200 other teachers but I have reserved them every other two weeks. :)

  2. Can you email me the original file so that I can pull out just the segment addition portions? I LOVE this and want to use just that one part...Thanks!

  3. I gave this as a partner activity. Each student only received the handout, with no cut outs. I had them draw the image and label, write the equation and solve for x. Great class period and my principal walked in during the first class. He was very impressed. Thank you for sharing.