#MTBoS30: Trig Foldable (Day 2 of 30)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016
I was trying to figure out what to blog about today and I saw this foldable on my desktop so I decided to write about it! Trigonometric ratios are always such a hard topic for my students to understand. They did perform better after I created this foldable but, I am still going to have to re-vamp my lesson for next year. The purple sheet is a cheat sheet table that I made for students that do not have a graphing calculator at home. After the lesson (not shown in the pictures below), I had students circle the angle and label O, A, and H in the problems (this helped clear up some misconceptions).

Any teachers out there have a way to teach trigonometric ratios and inverse trig that students completely understand? Trig is probably the most difficult topic for my students (even though we do it in almost every unit in the spring semester). 

Thanks in advance! You can find my warm-ups, assignment, and activity that I used on TPT (Click Here).

Here are the files that I used for the lesson: 

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  1. I just discovered your blog through Pinterest and I wanted to thank you so much for posting the foldables! I want to try them this year, but I was overwhelmed with how much prep I would have to do, and you are a lifesaver! Thank you!

    My district just started a new textbook last year, and I really liked the way it teaches sin/cos/tan. It starts out with Tangent, and finding slope ratios on a coordinate plane. They start to notice patterns, and even memorized a few easy ratios. Then we went in to Sine and Cosine. They were rockstars! I always let them reorient the triangle if they wanted to, and we always labeled the opp/adj/hyp sides. It was easily the best my students had ever done on that unit. Good luck!