#MTBoS30: Points, Lines, and Planes

Monday, May 16, 2016
I am in the process of looking through this years INB's and picking out my favorite foldables and activities to write about. I found this one today and decided to do 2 blog posts today so I can finish off May with 30 blog posts!

Students first completed the 6 vocabulary foldable on the right side. After the foldable, students independently completed the points, lines, and planes cut and paste activity on the left side. I had students cut up the boxes and rearrange them according to the correct definition, diagram, and naming of the terms. Note: Many students switched around "line" and "opposite rays" diagrams/naming.

After the notes, students were handed the following assignment to complete.

Next year in my basic geometry classes, I am going to see if the librarians at my school can make half size posters of the cut and paste chart and have these hung up around the classroom as "stations" and have students work together to complete the chart. 

I will also be editing the Points, Lines, and Planes HW to best fit the needs of my basic geometry classes next year :)

Are there any more high school level fun points, lines, and planes activities that teachers do every year?

You can find the files that I used here:

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