#MTBoS30: Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres Stations

Tuesday, May 10, 2016
So according to my lesson plans, I was supposed to be teaching students how to find the surface area and volume of cones today. However, if you read my previous post, students finished the whole foldable 2 days in advance.

The following stations maze was created (completely finished at 5:20 AM) after some last minute changes in lesson plans. My students LOVE doing these activities out in the school hallways. Today, I shared my lesson with another geometry teacher and we had both of our classes complete this activity in the hallway outside our classrooms.

I gave my students the following directions:
1) Write their name on their paper (you'd be suprised)
2) They have to write down the station that they are at in the top left box of each problem
3) They must go in order and if they end up back at a station that they have already done, a mistake has been made and they need to go back and check their work
4) They must SHOW ALL WORK to receive credit!

Below are some pictures of my students hard at work. In the last picture, a student decided to take pictures of the stations on his phone and sit down next to me to receive extra attention.

Below is an example picture of how the stations look like:

Overall, this day went by great because students took this review seriously and had minimum questions for me since many brought their notebook in the hallways with them!

You can find the stations maze here:

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  1. Your stations directions sound very similar to mine. "Put your name on your paper" is ALWAYS one of them, coincidentally...thanks for sharing!