#MTBoS30: Circle Basics Graphic Organizer

Wednesday, May 4, 2016
Going strong with day 3 of 30 of the #MTBoS30 challenge! Today, we had our test over part 1 of our circles unit and students rocked it! I am SOOOO proud because it was not an easy assessment.

I work at an awesome school that will print out half size posters for teachers, so I asked the 2 awesome librarians at my school to print me out the following graphic organizer in half-size poster form. Last year, I had students complete the following graphic organizer in their notebook next to their foldable. This year, I had students break up into groups of 2 and create their own circle and name/draw the following vocabulary terms (center, radius, diameter, chord, tangent, and secant). 

I will have students create this poster again next year (instead of putting in their INB) because it  helped so many of my students develop a deep circles vocabulary background and allowed students to make the necessary vocabulary connections (especially true for my special education and ELL students). Of course, a lot of my students went above and beyond of what was expected and decided to color code their circle because they know I like "pretty things" and wanted me to hang theirs up in my classroom. 

Note: I told students that they CANNOT use the same picture as our circle basics graphic organizer. (You can find the foldable here: Circle Basics Unit)

You can find these circles graphic organizer when you Click Here

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