#MTBoS30: 30 School Things that Make My Heart Smile

Wednesday, May 11, 2016
I am stealing this prompt from 3 other awesome bloggers!

30 school things that make my heart smile:
1. Old students that come visit me
2. Random students that stop me in the hallways just to say "Hey Mrs. Newell!"
3. New Paper Mate flair pens
4. My pretty classroom decorations
5. Being the class sponsor of 2017
6. Working with my best friend/soul sister
7. When I hear old students tell me they still have their Interactive Notebooks from last year
8. Students that bring a pencil to class every day
9. The awesome librarians at my school that print and laminate my activities and posters in color
10. Compliments from students (even though I heard I am not the best at saying thank you)
11. Being the special education and english language learner teacher for geometry
12. When students bring me a diet drink or Starbucks
13. An awesome math administrator that is always 100% supportive
14. Having the best co-teacher at my school
15. When I create a new "font-pair" (I have a severe font addiction)
16. Students who tell me that they hated math until geometry
17. Students who grow with math confidence in my class throughout the year (many try Pre-AP Algebra 2 after my class :))
18. When students say they missed me when I'm gone and to never be absent again
19. Students that love to sit behind my desk to help me with my lesson
20. Old students that come to my tutorials for another math class
21. Every single one of my classes this year
22. When students help other classmates and become one of the many "leaders" in my class
23. Students that tell me that they will never forget me
24. When I hear students say "Mrs. Newell, you never just give us the answer!"
25. Students that end up loving to color-code their notes
26. Students that keep up with their notebook all school year long
27. My loud and organized classroom
28. Students that tell me they appreciate all of my hard work
29. My dark classroom with my 2 lamps
30. Absolutely loving my job every single day (even on the bad days)

This was way too easy to write and I could have added at least 20 more onto this list :)

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