Sector Area and Arc Length

Wednesday, May 18, 2016
Today was the last teaching day of the year for me =( Why am I so sad about this? Maybe, because I had the BEST students this year and have formed relationships with so many of these kids. Some of the teachers around me are counting down the days until they get rid of their students but, I am trying to make every last day count because I firmly believe that it might be one of the last days of the year that end up mattering the most and I make a point to make every minute count. 

We went over finding the arc length and sector area of circles through this foldable that I created last year. I did make some minor edits that I really ended up liking! We filled out the yellow sector area and arc length graphic organizer before starting the foldable. I know that it's not in the pictures but underneath the yellow graphic organizer, I had students write down Arc Length = Crust of Pizza and Sector Area = Slice of Pizza..... Students seemed to understand the difference after that food analogy!

I can't really post any misunderstandings that students had over this lesson because students ROCKED it! However, I did make it a point that to mention that this was the last time that I will probably ever teach them (this actually shocked quite a few). 

After the foldable, I handed them their very last HW assignment =( Many were too excited and finished it too fast. 

I will be posting yesterday's lessons over arcs and chords tonight or tomorrow (depending on how long I want to procrasinate studying for my test). 

You can find the files that I used here:

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  1. The answer for example 4 in the arc length problem was a bit confusing for my students b/c they hard a hard time wrapping their heads around the angle measure being greater than 360 degrees. I explained to them that this is a 2nd rotation.