#MTBoS30: Homework Agenda

Friday, May 6, 2016

#MTBoS30 Day 5 Post! 

I LOVE trying out new ideas in my classroom and I decided to implement this homework agenda a couple of units ago. I only did this homework agenda for several class periods (1st, 3rd, and 4th) and did not give it to my other class periods. I decided to give only 1st, 3rd, and 4th period this homework agenda because they were my lowest performing/less motivated classes.

When I pass back papers, students open their INB to their homework agenda and fill out the grade column (I help the students who need to be watched). About 95% of students fill out the grade column by themselves and on top of that, more than half of the students have it filled out before I pass back their papers (since students can check their grades online). 

I will definitely be using this homework agenda next year in ALL of my classes. Next year,  I want students to have a separate section in their INB with a tab that is reserved for HW agendas (maybe 10 pages or so). Thoughts?

This is a very short unit which is why it is only one page (most of my hw agendas are 2-3 pages long)

  • Higher class average  (Classes with HW agendas- 88 gradebook average; Classes without HW agendas- 79 gradebook average)
  • VERY FEW missing assignments
  • Students know what to turn in and take those assignments more seriously
  • I have received so many parent emails saying how much they like the HW agenda

  • Takes about 5 minutes every other class period

Overall: I will definitely be doing this again next year because what is 5 minutes every other class period if students are learning and performing better on assessments?!

Fonts that I used in HW agenda are KG All of Me, KG the fighter, KG Lego House, and KG Wake me Up

If you want to use this, you can download the file when you click here. You may have to format the table to add more rows or make the font smaller to best fit your classroom. 

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