#MTBoS30: Socrative Space Race Game

Thursday, May 12, 2016
Today, students played a Socrative Space Race game over finding the surface area and volume of cones, cylinders, and spheres. Students LOVED it and their competitive side definitely came out. I originally came up with the idea of doing task cards but then decided to upload the images and make it a socrative practice test (great call by me).

I printed out the practice quiz to give to students because I wanted them to take this home to study for our test tomorrow. FYI: I have several "none of the above" answer choices on here and I love it when students freak out when they get none of the above :)

Directions that I gave:
1) You may sit in any group that you like but of course, choose wisely.
2) Only one person from each group may have their phone out and this will be the "designated answer person" that will logon to b.socrative.com and record the groups answer choices
3) Students must record their answers on the packet and show all work
4) Race is not about how fast you can go but how far you can go

Below are some pictures of the groups of 4 and the projected space race on the board. My projectors bulb is going out so it is very dim :(

If you want to import this quiz to use in your own classroom, complete the following steps:
1) Make an account with b.socrative.com
2) Go to the "Manage Quizzes" tab
3) Press "Import Quiz"
4) Type in the following code: SOC-22338064
5) Once you have imported the quiz and want to download, click on "Manage Quizzes", then click on "Copy of Surface Area and Volume of Cones, Cylinders, and Spheres"and press download and it will pop up for you to be able to print it out. 

If you would just like to use the task cards, you can print them out when you CLICK HERE

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