Point-Slope Form INB

Sunday, October 29, 2017
I wanted to share my interactive notebook pages for Point-Slope Formula! I like the pages that I used and plan to use them again next year. After this lesson, it was evident that students are not a big fan of using the point-slope formula and would prefer to use slope-intercept form.

First, we went over the following graphic organizer and highlighted x1, y1, and slope. As a class, we went over student's common misconceptions on using the formula.

After the graphic organizer, we went over the foldable pictured below.

We completed a matching activity where students had to identify the equation in slope-intercept form and in point-slope form when given the slope and a point. Students approached this activity in different ways. About half of the students solved for 'y' once they figured out the equation in point-slope form and the other half just ignored the point-slope form and plugged the point and slope into slope-intercept form to get their other equation. 

Below is a picture of a student who chose to solve for 'y'.

For students who still did not understand point-slope form, I gave them a basic template (y - __ = ___ (x - ___)) and had them plug in their missing values. For some reason, students understood how to use the formula when I gave them the template and only had to use it several times before they quit using the template altogether. 

Does your district require you to teach point-slope form? 

Here are the files that I used if you teach point-slope form with your classes.

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