Determining Slope INB

Tuesday, October 31, 2017
I used these interactive notebook pages during my linear functions unit. Student's had a pretty good understanding of slope and did not need a lot of review.

First, we watched the "Adventures of Slope Dude" on YouTube to review the four different types of slope. We also went over this pinwheel that I created and taped it down in our notebooks. I did have students choose four different highlighters to highlight the graphs on the pinwheel. They used these colors throughout the lesson and highlighted them based on their chosen colors (this helped A LOT).

After we went over the different types of slopes, we went over the following foldable.  

Next, students worked on the following activity where they determined the slope from a table, two points, graph, and equation. After they determined the slope, students had to classify it as positive, negative, zero, or undefined. Students were engaged and on task during this entire activity!

Overall, I really enjoyed this lesson and will probably only make minor adjustments to it next year. So far, these are the interactive notebook pages that students have referenced back to the most this school year.

Here are the files that I used:


  1. I love your resources. I sometimes get confused on how I should target a lesson. Then I check your resources and Great ideas to mind. Thanks for the boost.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am so happy that I can help!

  2. Awesome resources! Thank you so much!!!