Parallel Lines INB Sneak Peek

Sunday, August 28, 2016
Below are some interactive notebook ideas for a Parallel Lines unit.

Parallel Lines, Skew Lines, and Parallel Planes Foldable: 
This is a newly created foldable that I am planning to use with Mrs. Atwood's activity for introducing parallel lines, skew lines, and parallel planes. Students will discuss whether two lines are parallel or skew. 

Parallel Lines Cut by a Transversal Foldable: 
I have used this foldable for the past three years but I do need to change "Same-Side Exterior Angles" to "Consecutive Interior Angles" (ducks head in shame). I really haven't changed this setup in the past 3 years since it seems to be working. We also play a dance, dance, transversal game with our fingers on the foldable (my room is way too small for students to be able to stand up). Students find it funny and always get a good laugh out of it :) 

Congruent Vs. Supplementary Card Sort and Chart: 
These pages are really aimed to help my ELL and special education students. I find that card sorts really help my lower level students. After this, students make a group poster over parallel lines (I will upload a picture as soon as I get back to work). 

Parallel Lines w/ Algebra INB Pages:
This is pretty simple but students will be doing 6 example problems in their notebook. After this, I am planning for students to logon to their Google Classroom account and complete the following "maze activity."You can find the Google activity when you click here.


  1. Can you please post the links to your INB for parallel lines cut by a transversal! I LOVE THEM! :) Thank you!!

  2. Please tell me there is a link for that adorable box! This sounds like a great way for students to visualize skew lines!

    1. I actually just googled rectanglular prism net and printed off the first one that popped up. :)

  3. Can you please post the links to your INB for parallel lines cut by a transversal. Would love to use them!!


  4. Love your stuff! Could you please post links to your INB pages for parallel lines and transversals? Thanks!

  5. Please share your parallel lines notes, cut outs, etc. They are all wonderful!

  6. I LOVE all of your stuff.

    Would you be able to post your INB pages for Parallel lines and transversals? Would love to incorporate them into my lesson.

  7. I love the resources for parallel and transversal lines. Are you able to post the files?

  8. It's looks like others have asked the same question. Is there a way to get your parallel lines and transversal INB stuff?

  9. I morphed your card sort into Desmos... Here's the link. Love your site!