Google Collinear and Coplanar Digital Activity

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

I was able to successfully reserve Chromebooks for my Points, Lines, and Planes unit. I really wanted an activity that goes well with these interactive notebook pages. 

I decided to go with a Google Slides activity for my special education resource classes that they can draw and text on. Students are able to move the dots on questions 1-4 and able to circle and insert textboxes on questions 5-7. 

I want students to draw shapes and label them based on the questions. For example, on question 8, I want students to draw two lines, name them, and label their intersection.

Any other fun digital activities out there over points, lines, and planes?

Here is the file that I used: 
Collinear and Coplanar Digital Activity


  1. Have you ever used google draw for sorting, matching activities? Here is one I created review notations with kids.
    By the way, I love your resources and can't wait to use them in my classes!!!

    1. Thanks for sharing! I have tried Google Drawing 2 times now and students love it... I need to find more activities through Google Draw :)

  2. I have not yet successfully used a Google Drive activity, but would love to try it. Is there a link to this?

  3. Can this activity be done on ipads? I can't figure out how they can write on the screen.