Editable Area and Perimeter Foldable

Wednesday, March 29, 2017
This is an Area and Perimeter book that I created last semester to review with my level classes. I decided to use this foldable instead of my Area and Perimeter Flip-book (click here for previous post) because I wanted to give my students time to complete their Dream House Project in class. I used the flip-book as an extra study guide to help out struggling students.

If you would like to use, I included an editable template in PPT for this foldable. All you have to do is type in the boxes the questions that works best for your grade level.  

Here is a glance at some of the assignments that students did as extra practice/stations review. 

This was by FAR my favorite unit this year so far because students were able to create their own "Dream House" using real world materials. They even had their own budget! Students were extremely engaged and looked forward to coming to class to finish their "house" every day. :)

I also decided to create different shapes around my classroom and they had to use rulers and protractors (trig) to figure out missing lengths in order to find the area and perimeter.

If you would like another post in more detail about the Dream House project and other activity, I'll be happy to post this week!

Here are the files for the Area and Perimeter Book: 


  1. Please post about your dream house project! I struggled to find a relatable project for my unit similar to this one. I ended up having to adapt a 4th grade project for students to create an apartment/house layout.

    1. Could you please share your Dream House project? I am very interested. Just found your blog today. Very intriguing and creative. Thanks for all you have shared so far. Looking forward to many more.