Anchor Chart for Surface Area and Volume of Prisms

Tuesday, March 21, 2017
Today, I decided to create the following anchor charts for my geometry resource classes. The purpose of creating these charts was to give students an additional tool to support instruction and to move the students towards achieving success with finding the surface area and volume of prisms. I'm going to ask the librarians at my school to print these out as half size posters and laminate them for me to hang them up around my classroom for students to reference. It's faster for me to create this anchor chart digitally than to handwrite it.

This is my first year teaching a geometry resource class and I did not realize how much assistance and supplemental aids some of these students need. My resource classes are very small and one class has 8 students and the other class has 5 students. Last month, I learned that my school district is getting rid of these geometry resource classes so this has me scrambling to come up with ways for these students to be successful in my on-level classes for next year. I think I am going to create these charts for every topic in geometry and have them spiral bound for students to reference.

Any feedback or suggestions are welcome since this is my very first "digital" anchor chart. 

Here is the file if you would like to use:

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  1. The resources you post are amazing! Thank you!