Differentiation with Warm-Ups

Thursday, January 26, 2017
I'm trying something new with several of my classes this unit and I'm really liking it so far! During the past 2 years, I don't really give my students "warm-up" questions when they walk in. Normally, students walk in, cut out their foldables, and set up their interactive notebook. 

This year, I have issues of several students not turning in assignments and I really need to receive feedback (other than quizzes and tests) to assess their understanding. However, student's level of understanding vary GREATLY in my classes this year. I have pre-AP drop outs or students who should be in pre-AP but do not want the extra work. I have regular on-level students who rarely need assistance. I have special education and ELL students who need A LOT of assistance. If I give all students the same worksheet, I would have students done with 10 minutes left and some that will need to bring it home for an extra 30 minutes. 

I created these differentiated warm-ups so all students will finish around the same time. The one with the most arrows are for my higher level students and the one with the least amount of arrows are for my special education/ELL students who are not really understanding the concept. I put the arrows so students couldn't really see that they were receiving A, B, and C forms. 

So far, I really like how the warm-ups are going since all students are taking the same amount of time.... but, it's taking A LOT of time for me to create them! How do you "differentiate" in your classroom? 


  1. These look great!! I did something like this a few years ago randomly and loved it but like you said it takes so much time!! Maybe in the future I'll bring back the idea too ;) Love the arrows!!

  2. Katrina I LOVE your site. You are extremely talented. I do have a question for you, can you share with me your Differentiation with Warm-Ups? Thanks