2016-2017 Right Triangles Unit

Tuesday, January 31, 2017
Here are a few glimpses into my right triangles interactive notebook pages. I created several new pages this year and thought I'd share! :)

Day 1: Pythagorean Theorem

We went over this new flip-book that I created over the summer. We broke it up into separate sections to not make the lesson seem so long.

Some of my classes went through these Pythagorean Theorem Real World Applications Task Cards.

My resource classes made Rockstar Math Teacher's Pythagorean Theorem Real World Situations Poster.

Overall, this was a GREAT block day! I allowed students to do a "Pythagoras Project" to replace 2 of their lowest homework assignments. Here are two examples of students who opted to do this project.

Day 2: Converse of Pythagorean Theorem
This is also a new foldable that I created over the summer. I re-made Erin Atwood's Converse of Pythagorean Theorem Slider (Click Here For Her Free Slider on TPT).

Afterwards, we completed my Converse of Pythagorean Theorem Card Sort (that you can find here). Students showed their work in their interactive notebook.

Day 3: 45-45-90 Triangles
I have used these next couple of foldables for the past 2 years since I love them so much. You can find my original blog post when you click here. 

Day 4: 30-60-90 Triangles
These are also old foldables that I have used in previous years. You can find my original blog post when you click here. 

Students then completed my Special Right Triangles Color By Number (click here for original blog post). I found some typos that I will be fixing soon so I had some students choose their own colors :). Here is one example of the "correct" color by number and one where student chose the colors that they wanted to use. I may modify it in the future so students can choose their own colors.

Day 5: QUIZ (BOOO!!!); Students did well (YAY!!!!)

Day 6: Trigonometric Ratios
I have also used this foldable for the past 2 years but I am going to change up the right side of the foldable. I would rather them practice finding missing sides and angles of each given ratio. Here is a link to my original blog post (click here). You can find the homework and warm-ups that I gave students on TPT (CLICK HERE).

After foldable, students had just enough time to work in pairs to complete this Trigonometric Puzzles Activity that I made last week! LOVED IT!

Day 7: Angle of Elevation and Depression

Right Triangles = LOVE! I am excited to share some of my resources that worked well with my students. If it works well with your students, please let me know! I always love to hear feedback and/or any other resources that you use with your students.

Here are some of the foldables/files that I used throughout my right triangles unit: 

I have the links to all of the other foldables in previous blog posts.


  1. You obviously stay busy, but if it's possible could you share/upload the "Trigonometric Puzzles Activity"?

  2. I need that blue page... with the bird and the sun!
    C'mon... you don't want to make me draw that by hand do you?
    No one wants to see that...

    1. LOL! Thanks for making me laugh out loud, I just posted it in post. Hope its not too late :)

  3. Hi! I team-teach 3 Math 8 sections with high proportions of students with IEPs/504s, and am wondering if you would share your task cards. We get into this topic in about a week. Thank you!!

  4. You are amazing! I want to be your friend.

  5. I'm confused about the color-by-number activity. Your student chose the colors, but how did they know which parts to color in? The picture doesn't have much of the correct answers in it..?

  6. Can I find just the trig puzzle activity somewhere I only see it as part of the bundle on TPT