Google Activity for Angles in Triangles

Saturday, July 9, 2016
I made this Google Digital Task Cards for students to practice the triangle sum theorem and the exterior angle theorem. Students are able to copy and paste solution cards on top of the task card on the slides.

The next two slides are my favorite because this year I am going to start saying "show your thinking" instead of "show your work." Students can insert text boxes, drawings, or comments on how they received the answer they did. I am excited to see how students arrived at the correct answer.

Directions for Google use:
1. After you have downloaded the resource into your Google Drive, make a copy to share with your students. It is important to make a copy so that students do not make any changes to the original.

2. Share the COPIED link to your students (not the original). Make sure that you press "can edit".

3. Students will then be able to access the copied link in their Google Drive. When students are finished, they can share the final product with you.

You can avoid all of these steps by setting up a Google Classroom and submitting this as an assignment. Google Classroom will automatically send out the link to your students, make a copy, and allow the students to upload it back to you. 

If you can think of any way that I can edit this to make it better, please leave a comment. 
Please leave a comment if I made any mistakes and I will gladly correct them. :)

Here is the file: 


  1. Love this! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you! You are very welcome :)

  3. Maybe it's just my computer, but I can't seem to make a copy of this. I opened the document and it lets me view it but the only thing it lets me do is download it as a PPT. I am signed in to Google and I have my Google Classroom and Drive open and ready to make a copy into but it's not even an option. Can you help please? :)

    1. Never mind! It was because of my work wi-fi that was blocking me from signing in. I got it now! Thanks!!

  4. is number 20 a trick question...? or just a typo ;)

  5. do you have a template or an editable copy of this? I would love to use it with my class but add other types of questions to it as well

  6. My only thought is that perhaps you could include the directions/instructions with the download. I've got the downloads but am worried I'll forget what to do and have to search. It would be helpful. Great work!