Classroom Organization: Behavior

Tuesday, July 19, 2016
I have learned that students need 3-5 classroom rules to be successful in the learning environment. I narrowed it down to 5 'non-negotiable' rules:

BE CONSISTENT when you are enforcing rules! If you tell students that they are on their second warning, you must contact their parents. Students like to test you and are not afraid to push the limits. This was my best year for classroom management (even though my class sizes were all above 30) and I did not have to write a single office referral. I give all credit to keeping up with my classroom rules and consequences.

It takes about two months for students to understand that you are serious and they catch on pretty fast. :)

If students break a rule, then I am going to write it in this form to keep record of. I am going to make multiple copies and each paper will be for one student. If a student does not receive any warnings, then they will not have one of these forms on file.

Any other "non-negotiable" rules that you use in your classroom?

Here are the files:

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