Segments in Circles

Friday, June 23, 2017
I feel bad for the lack of blog posts lately but I just recently found out that I will be working with Algebra 1 next year! I'm sad to leave Geometry behind but I'm excited for a new change. Anyways, here is  one of the last foldables that we did in Geometry last year over segments in circles.

We went over the theorems on the left side and discussed it in depth. Then, we went over the segments in circles foldable as a class. My students picked this topic up VERY fast. At first, they told me that the problems looked "scary" but by the end, they said that it's really easy!

After the foldable, we completed the following activity where students had to group cards based on their answers. Students loved this activity because it allowed students to check their work in case they came up with a random answers. I gave my modified SPED students a sheet that listed out which theorem to use for each problem. 

Overall, I loved this lesson and I noticed that all of my students were engaged (one of last lessons for the school year). 

Now, I'm off to create more Algebra 1 foldables/activities for next school year :)

Here are the files that I used: 


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  2. Congratulations on getting to teach Algebra. I used your geometry materials a lot towards the end of the year last year and was also teaching algebra at the time and really searched to find a teacher blog that was as clear, quick, helpful, and inspiring as yours to assist me in Algebra. You're amazing and I know those students are going to be so thankful to have you as their teacher! Good luck!