Properties of Rectangles

Wednesday, February 10, 2016
In a previous post, I described how the day went for beginning quadrilaterals with parallelograms and rectangles.

Day 2:  We completed the following rectangle notes:

After the rectangle notes, I had students complete the following rectangles maze. There is a total of four different forms because I have students in groups of 4 in my classroom. Some of my students had a hard time from the first box on form A because they did not read the question (find TU). I really emphasized to my students that "YOU MUST READ WHAT THE PROBLEM IS ASKING FOR!"

Day 3: We played Kahoot to review parallelograms and rectangles and I feel like this was extremely helpful in reviewing parallelograms and rectangles. We were supposed to start rhombi today, but half of my students were not ready to move on yet. You can find the Kahoot that we used when you click here:

I have one person from each group log on to the website and they represent their table. I tell students not to press an answer unless everybody in the group agrees. I love playing Kahoot because students who do not participate in class contributes to the discussion and they get really competitive.

You can find the rectangles maze here: CLICK HERE


  1. I love all of your stuff so much! My kids are like "Mrs. Newell must be your friend." I'm like "I wish!" haha!

    Quick question - on Rectangles Maze Form C, I'm having difficulty with the 2nd problem down on the far right. I'm getting x=17 but that's not an option. I feel!

  2. I found the same problem with Rectangles Maze Form C. By any chance has this been corrected? Love these materials!